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4 Product Pairings for a Truly Organized Home

4 Product Pairings for a Truly Organized Home

As we continue to spend more time indoors, many of our homes are feeling a bit more cluttered than usual. We’re making more meals (and snacks) in our kitchens, enjoying mid-day showers while working remotely, and supervising our children with online school. That’s a lot to deal with so it’s no wonder organization has fallen to the wayside. Fortunately, a few organizational products can get you back on track and we’ve got the perfect pairings to get you started!

1) For the Kitchen: Let’s be honest, we could all use a bit more organization in the kitchen. So why not combine two beautiful products to declutter the kitchen sink once and for all? We may be a touch biased, but we think our TOUCHLESS Soap Dispenser pairs effortlessly with an IMPRESS Large Suction Basket. While the hands-free infrared technology of our TOUCHLESS Soap Dispenser minimizes the risk of contaminating surfaces with traces of raw meat, the sink caddy keeps all your cleaning utensils (sponges, brushes, etc.) organized and close at hand. Plus, the integrated drainage holes ensure your cleaning utensils stay dry and germ-free. Together, these products will transform your kitchen sink from dirty and drab, to organized, clean, and fresh!

2) For the Master Bathroom: Next up, we have the master bathroom, which could always use a touch of elegance — and our CLARA Foaming Dispenser certainly delivers on that! Its glass-like modern appearance pairs perfectly with the MODERNA Extra Wide Vanity Seat to create a spa-like atmosphere. The bottom wired shelf provides extra storage for towels, shoes or slippers and the nylon feet ensure your floor remains free of scratches.

3) For the Kids’ Bathroom: You may think your kids’ bathroom is too far gone to be organized, but we promise it’s not (it just might take a bit more effort). Our kid-friendly FOAMING Soap Dispenser is the perfect dispenser for your family bathroom since its unique exterior finish resists sticky fingerprints (which we know all kids have). Pair with the convenient SMART 4 Multi-Purpose Bathroom Stool, its extra-large step platform and non-slip textured surface lets little ones use SMART 4 as a step stool to reach the sink faucet to brush their teeth and wash their hands.

4) For the Shower: Last up we have a beautiful and functional pairing to de-clutter your shower and they both just happen to be part of our CLEVER line. Our CLEVER Double Shower Dispenser + Shower Shelf is the complete organization combo, that offers beautiful clean design with an innovative twist. Easily and single-handedly dispense shower liquids at the press of a lever. The CLEVER Flip Shower Shelfs unique design allows you to simply “Flip” it to become a contemporary shelf.

Whether your kitchen drives you crazy or the constant mess in your children’s bathroom, there’s an organizational solution for you. And, the best part is with these products you don’t have to sacrifice style for a truly organized home – all you have to do is click ‘purchase now’. Happy organizing!

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