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Achieving the Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic: Bathroom Edition

Achieving the Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic: Bathroom Edition

If these long summer days have you yearning for a leisurely beach vacation, we've found the perfect trend to bring those breezy beach vibes into your home. It’s called, the coastal grandmother aesthetic —and it seamlessly blends the relaxed, carefree atmosphere of coastal living with the comforting warmth and charm of a grandmother’s touch. While many have embraced this aesthetic as part of their summer wardrobe, we can think of an even better place to recreate those breezy coastal vibes— your bathroom. So, if you're ready to transform your cold, cluttered bathroom into a cozy coastal haven, we've got the tips to get you there.


Embrace a Soft, Neutral Palette

Coastal grandmothers are all about soft, neutral colours. Think crisp white linens, cozy cream knits, and soft seaside blues. Not only do these light and airy colors emulate those coveted beach vibes, but they also create the illusion of a bigger space — making them an ideal choice for cramped bathrooms. While your paint choices are virtually endless, we can’t get enough of soft, muted blues. Why? Two reasons. Firstly, it replicates the calm beauty of coastal summer sunrises. And secondly, soft blues establish a subtle yet impactful contrast with your existing bathroom fixtures — creating a well-balanced backdrop for the rest of your coastal-inspired decor.


Incorporate Natural Materials

Another thing about coastal grandmas? They don’t mess with cheap, artificial materials. So, if you want to truly capture the essence of the aesthetic, natural materials are an absolute must. Layering natural elements against cold bathroom fixtures instantly adds texture and warmth, creating a space that feels both inviting and sophisticated. Not sure where to start? Pick up a few accessories in natural materials, like wooden stools or a wicker laundry basket. For an elevated look, pair these warm natural accents with high-end finishes like stone or marble.


Classic Fixtures

When it comes to bathroom fixtures, simplicity is key. After all, a coastal Grandma wouldn’t be caught dead in costume jewellery. Choose classic, timeless pieces that exude elegance without being overly ornate. Think white porcelain sinks, clawfoot tubs, and brushed nickel or chrome faucets. These fixtures not only complement the soft, neutral palette but also add to the overall sense of timelessness that defines the coastal grandmother aesthetic.


Bring in the Blues

Although this aesthetic relies heavily on beachy, neutral tones, subtle pops of blue can bring the design to life. Consider incorporating soft shades of blue through accessories like bath towels, rugs, or even wall art. Prefer a bolder alternative? Deeper navy tones can create a similar effect, but don’t go overboard with it as it can easily start to look a bit too nautical — and Grandma would not like that.


Lighting Matters

Lighting is a crucial element in any design, and the coastal grandmother aesthetic is no exception. Aim for the same soft, natural lighting of an early summer morning. If your bathroom has windows, make the most of them with sheer, light-filtering curtains that allow the sunlight to stream in. For artificial lighting, choose fixtures (and lightbulbs) with a warm, soft glow — like wall sconces, pendant lights, or vintage chandeliers.


Keep it Clutter-Free

If there’s one thing we know about Grandmas, it’s that they take pride in their homes, which is why they take such pristine care of all of their belongings. To channel your inner granny, keep your bathroom clutter-free with stylish storage solutions like built-in shelves, wicker baskets, and under-sink storage. By keeping all your essentials neatly tucked away, your bathroom will look more polished and calm — just like a retired Grandma living on the coast.


Create a Spa-Like Experience

The final touch to embody the coastal grandmother aesthetic? Luxury, honey. To create the ultimate spa-like sanctuary where you can unwind and recharge, amp up the comfort. Display your coziest bathrobe, fluffy towels, scented candles, and high-quality bath products. Remember, the lifestyle of a coastal grandmother is all about luxury and leisure — so don’t be afraid to choose opulence over practicality here.

Whether you go all in on this aesthetic or prefer to sprinkle in little hints of your grandmother’s charm, it’s all about blending relaxed beach vibes with the warmth and charm of your grandma’s home. By embracing soft colors, natural materials, classic fixtures, and clutter-free spaces you can transform your blah bathroom into a serene, inviting space that rivals the most luxurious seaside escape. So, grab your friends, channel your inner Granny, and head to your local thrift store — your cozy coastal escape awaits!

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