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Benefits to Showering at Night vs. the Morning

Benefits to Showering at Night vs. the Morning

A shower is a beautiful break in an otherwise busy day. Those few moments you take for yourself are as cleansing for the mind as they are for the body. Some people shower early in the morning while others wait until right before bed. This begs the question: what time is best to shower?

A case can be made for showering in the morning or at night; benefits exist for both. Western culture typically promotes showering right away in the morning, yet many cultures in the east traditionally bathe in the evening. These points will help you decide what’s best for you.

The benefits of a morning shower:

A warm morning shower, punctuated by a few minutes of cool water at the end, can energize the body and help stimulate the lymphatic system. It’s great for people with oily skin because it opens the pores and cleanses oil buildup from the night’s rest. A morning rinse is particularly beneficial for men and women with course hair because it can help tame wild manes. It’s also an awesome way to focus your mental energy before the day starts, and it can help promote creativity. Finally, some people just don’t feel clean and ready for the day without that morning shower.

The benefits of an evening shower:

Some people prefer to shower before bed because they like to clean the day’s grime away before slipping between the sheets. Bonus: this keeps sheets cleaner for longer! What’s most beneficial about an evening shower, though, is it can help improve sleep quality. The warm water helps to relax the mind and muscles, plus the quick cooling that occurs after you jump out of the shower stimulates natural circadian rhythms so you’re primed and ready to snooze when you hit the hay. Plus, many people like to sleep a little longer, and an evening shower frees up some time in the morning.

So, what time is best for showering? Whatever is best for you. With clear benefits for both morning and evening showers, it really comes down to your preference and what makes most sense based on the other activities you have planned for your day. Scrub-a-dub-dub, now go jump in the tub!

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