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What should I do if my FOAMA Touchless Dispenser was working well but it suddenly clogged or the foam is runny?

If your FOAMA was left unused for many weeks or is seldom used, some soap may have dried in the pump. A build-up of dried soap can block the pump or interrupt the foaming process. In the video below we have a couple tricks to help clear clogs from the pump but if your FOAMA is suddenly pumping a runny foam, feel free to skip ahead to Pump Clearing in the video chapters. If your FOAMA isn't turning on or the pump won't run, please see our video on battery corrosion. 

Follow these easy steps as shown in the video:

  • Start by setting the volume to 3. Now pinch the nozzle closed and run the pump, release the pressure while the pump is running. Try this at least three times. 
  • Once soap starts to flow, skip ahead to Pump Clearing or continue to clear the pump with the two following methods.
  • Remove the pump from the bottle and gather a highlighter or thick marker to use as a rolling pin. Carefully hold the pump sideways next to the edge of your counter. With firm, consistent pressure roll the straw from the tip toward the pump to push fluid into the pump. Be sure to push down as you are rolling, so the straw is completely pinched under the marker.
  • If the clog still hasn't cleared we can try to dissolve it from the other side, but FOAMA is not completely waterproof so this must be done carefully. Set your tap to run a fine stream of water and hold the FOAMA as shown so the water can fill the nozzle. Slowly roll the pump backward so the water can flow into the pump. Assemble FOAMA and let it sit for 3-5 minutes. After a few minutes, turn on FOAMA and try dispensing. Foam should begin flowing after the dried soap has dissolved.
  • We recommend thoroughly clearing the pump of all soap with warm water. This will dissolve any remaining soap buildup that can interfere with foam generation. 
  • Fill a mug or small cup with warm water and carefully place the FOAMA pump onto it. Repeatedly activate the pump, until there are no suds coming from the nozzle. FOAMA can be reassembled and used normally.
  • If you need to store your FOAMA we recommend clearing the pump before storage to prevent build-up or possible clogs. If disposable alkaline batteries are used, they should be removed to prevent leaks and corrosion.
  • If you're still having trouble please give us a call, we're here to help.
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