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What should I do if my new FOAMA Touchless Dispenser is not pumping foam as expected?

If your FOAMA is sputtering or only pumping a small amount of foam, the easiest fix is to purchase foaming soap refills or follow the steps in the video below to improve your foam. If your FOAMA was working well but then suddenly stopped foaming, please see our video on clearing clogs.

Follow these steps as shown in the video:

  • Start by gathering a clean mug or small cup for the FOAMA pump to sit on temporarily. Partially fill it with warm water.
  • Twist to unlock the pump from its bottle and carefully place it on top of the cup so the straw will draw up the water.
  • Now activate the pump repeatedly to clear the pump of all the soap. 
  • Add water to the bottle to dilute the soap until the consistency is nearly as thin as water. (make sure not to overfill bottle)
  • Install the pump back onto the bottle and activate the pump 3 times to test the new mixture.
  • If needed, Clear the pump again and make further adjustments to your mixture.
  • Note that if you're using a creamy or opaque soft soap, the foam may have extra bubbles. Try diluting a clear or colored transparent soap for the best foam consistency. Foaming hand wash refills do not need dilution and are the easiest way to fill FOAMA.
  • If you're still having trouble please give us a call, we're here to help.
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