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What should I do if my FOAMA Touchless Dispenser won't turn on or pump?

If your FOAMA started acting funny, won't turn on or won't pump the issue is most likely caused by the batteries. All alkaline batteries will eventually leak if given enough time, so we recommend to always use a fresh set from the same package. Alternatively, consider installing a set of rechargeable batteries which won't leak or corrode.

Follow these easy steps as shown in the video:

  • Start by checking the batteries, this will also clear the lock if it was accidentally set.
  • Are the battery terminals and contacts all bright and shiny? If there is a lot of corrosion replace the batteries with a new set from the same package. We will review cleaning any corrosion.
  • If FOAMA still isn't turning on, try giving FOAMA a gentle knock. This can clear any minor corrosion interrupting the electrical connection.
  • If you've found corrosion on FOAMA's battery contacts, this should be cleaned.
  • If the batteries have only mild corrosion, it may be possible to clean and polish the terminals to extend their life.
  • It is best to neutralize any corrosion with a common acid like vinegar or lemon juice. Dab an old tooth brush in vinegar and brush the corrosion until it has dissolved.
  • Check inside the pump, if these terminals appear dull, they can be carefully scraped. A drop or two of vinegar can neutralize the corrosion but be sure to let it dry completely before reassembly.
  • Wipe everything dry with a paper towel. Kraft paper can also be used to polish the terminals.
  • If there's still an issue, sometimes a gentle knock can restore the battery connection. 
  • Consider installing a quality set of rechargeable AAs which can offer hassle-free operation and longer battery life. Rechargeable batteries aren't prone to leak or corrode, unlike disposable alkaline batteries.
  • If you're still having trouble please give us a call, we're here to help.
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