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Why is my TOUCHLESS Dispenser pumping slowly?

Some liquid soaps and sanitizers may slowly dry up and clog the nozzle, especially with light or very occasional use. If you’ve noticed the flow speed is decreasing and the batteries are all fresh from the same pack, we recommend trying a gel type hand soap available from several major brands. Hand soap gels flow consistently and resist drying out internally, which can cause build up or clogs.

If a hand sanitizing gel is too thick to pump reliably, it can be thinned with a small amount of 70% rubbing alcohol. To preserve the effectiveness of hand sanitizer, only use 70%+ alcohol to thin hand sanitizers.

If the dispenser has sat unused for some time and completely clogged, use a paperclip to ensure there are no blockages inside the nozzle. Filling and priming the dispenser with rubbing alcohol may be necessary to clear stubborn clogs. The unit may need to rest for several hours to allow the rubbing alcohol to reach and completely loosen the clog.

Consult your product user guide for specific instructions to help clear clogs while protecting the unit from damage.

Full instructions for activation of your TOUCHLESS Dispenser are available Here.

Full instructions for activation of your TOUCHLESS XL Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser are available Here.

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