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4 Ways to Reduce Contact Germs in Your Bathroom

4 Ways to Reduce Contact Germs in Your Bathroom

Lately, we’ve noticed virtually everyone using the term ‘new normal’ to describe our pandemic lives. This ‘new normal’ has included replacing everyday activities such as payments, deliveries, and face-to-face interactions with contactless methods. While it’s been challenging to get used to, it’s the best way to reduce the spread of germs from person to person. With that in mind, we started thinking about how we could reduce contact germs in our own homes, specifically in the bathroom. We came up with four simple changes you can make to significantly reduce the spread of germs in your bathroom and keep your family safe.

1. Wave-to-Flush Toilet: If we’re being honest, toilets are gross – including the ones in our own home. They are often sprinkled with harmful bacteria and germs that can make us sick. Even with routine cleaning, the flush handle is one of the dirtiest places in your bathroom. You’d have to disinfect it after each use to eliminate the germs altogether. That sounds like a lot of work, right? Well instead of incessant cleaning, you may want to purchase a wave-to-flush toilet kit that converts your existing toilet into a touchless wonder. Once installed, a simple wave of the hand is all you need to flush the toilet. No contact required. It’s the best way to ensure your family doesn’t touch anything harmful that may live on your toilet handle.

2. Touchless Faucets: Our bathroom faucets are right up there on the list of dirtiest places in our bathrooms, which makes sense when you think about it. Although we use the sink to wash our hands, our initial contact with the faucet immediately follows well, something that prompted us to wash our hands. Ick! Further complicating matters is how difficult it can be to get into all the crevices of our faucets. Even the Monica Gellers of the world wouldn’t be able to guarantee their faucets are 100% germ-free. That is unless they had a touchless one. Just like the Wave-to-Flush toilet, a touchless faucet is the best way to ensure your family isn’t spreading or picking up harmful bacteria. There are tons of touchless faucet options on the market, but for bathrooms, we recommend motion-sensor technology. The less contact, the better – especially when it comes to dirty hands.

3. Touchless Soap Dispensers: By now you’re probably sensing a bit of a touchless technology trend. If we’re being honest, we’d make our entire homes touchless if we could. It’s often the frequently used, forgotten about surfaces where germs really thrive. One of those places is likely your soap dispenser. Since it holds soap, the inclination to clean it isn’t entirely obvious. Unfortunately, they are not immune to germs, which is why our TOUCHLESS Soap Dispenser with hands-free infrared technology is a great option for reducing germs in your bathroom. The sleek stainless-steel design provides a no-contact solution for handwashing and allows you to adjust the amount of soap that is dispensed with each use. Combine this dispenser with the contactless solutions above and you’ll significantly reduce the number of bacteria that live on bathroom surfaces in your home.

4. Don’t Forget Your Hand Towels: Last but not least, one of the toughest aspects of handwashing to make contactless – drying your hands. This may come as a shock, but how you dry your hands can undermine your entire handwashing protocol, and here’s why. Leaving your hands even a little bit wet makes it easier to transmit bacteria onto other surfaces and people. Additionally, drying your hands on a dirty towel can put the germs you just washed off right back onto your hands. To ensure your hand towel is clean it should be washed every 2-3 days. While it may sound like a lot, when you consider the number of people that are drying their hands on the same towel throughout the day, it makes sense. It’s also very important that hand towels are able to dry completely, which is tougher than it sounds in multi-person households. We suggest investing in a towel rack such as the SETTE Double Towel Stand, which allows your towel to be laid out completely instead of folded over on a typical rack. The fresher and dryer your hand towel, the less likely it is to accumulate harmful bacteria. Remember, fresh is best!

While navigating our new touchless world can be a bit overwhelming, that doesn’t have to be the case in your own home. All it takes is a few simple changes to keep your bathroom clean and your family safe.

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