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5 Ways to Make Bath Time More Fun for Your Toddler

5 Ways to Make Bath Time More Fun for Your Toddler

Between diaper changes, snacks, park visits, and bath time, your days as a parent can seem endless. Throw a toddler into the mix and these seemingly simple activities can quickly become herculean. But as a parent, you also know that regardless of how hard your toddler resists, tasks like diaper changes and bath time are non-negotiable. So, what steps can parents take to avoid battling their stubborn toddlers at every turn? Well, it starts by shifting our approach to all things make-believe and we have a few fun ideas to get you started. 


Get Create with Make-Believe: While the terrible twos may have you reminiscing about simpler newborn days, as your child ages playtime can become more fun for both of you. So, instead of dreading bath time and the tantrums that go with it, make it an extra fun activity that your kiddo will look forward to. How? Well by playing make-believe of course! Set the stage for an epic pirate experience by creating a treasure hunt. Draw a simple map leading into the bathtub where your toddler can find sunken treasure chests guarded by pirate ships and crocodiles, oh my! Now, if that’s a bit too scary for your little one, try creating an under-the-sea adventure. With underwater pool lights, Little Mermaid characters, and the accompanying soundtrack, you can create a truly immersive experience that your toddler won’t be able to resist. Pro tip: Watch the Little Mermaid on repeat to get your toddler excited about all the fun things that live under the sea — nobody can resist those classic tunes!


Sing-Alongs: It’s no secret that all kids like a good tune — and baths are the perfect time to have a full-blown sing-along party. Although you may have heard the Frozen soundtrack a few too many times, if it makes bath time a bit more fun for your kiddo, it’s 100% worth it. So, grab a Bluetooth speaker, put on their favorite soundtrack, and belt out the tunes together. If your child can tolerate a bit of change, bath time can also be a great time to introduce them to new music. You can even pick a new theme every week like under the sea tunes or galactic space jams!


Bath Time Treats: While snacks and bath time may not seem like a natural fit, a special treat can be just the distraction you need to bathe your strong-willed toddler. But it’s not a treat if it’s something they have access to all the time. No, for bathtime treats to work, they need to be special! Since your kids are already in the bath, it’s the perfect setting for those extra messy treats that typically drip all over your furniture. So, pick up a box of popsicles or ice cream cones as your toddler’s special bath time treat. Not only will clean-up be a breeze, but your toddler might just look forward to their next bath once they know it comes with an extra special treat!


Glow in the Dark: Everything is more exciting when it glows in the dark, so why not take advantage of that during your next evening bath routine? To create a truly magical glow-in-the-dark experience, set up some candles or flashlights on the vanity, stick glow-in-the-dark stickers on the wall, and toss some pool lights or glow sticks in the water. You can even take this one step further by using their nightlight projector to create more ambiance. Not only does this totally change the vibe of bath time, but it’s also a great sensory activity for your toddler — making it a win for everyone involved.


Frozen Games: Using frozen toys is another great way to incorporate sensory activities into an otherwise boring and sometimes stressful bath time experience. Select a few plastic toys that can get wet like Lego. Then, place them in a Ziplock bag filled with water and toss them in the freezer for a few hours. Once it’s time for their bath, grab a few to toss in the tub. Play around with different ways to melt it, do a countdown, or simply observe as they wait for their toy to be released from ice cube jail!

Whether your kids love bath time or resist it with all their might, these activities can create a fun sensory activity and distract them from the ‘trauma’ of having their hair washed — at least momentarily!

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