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6 Unique Ideas for Basement Bathroom Renovations

6 Unique Ideas for Basement Bathroom Renovations
These days, most households (or Moms) would agree that they could use an extra bathroom, so why not make use of the extra space in your basement? While it may be a dark, dingy, and underutilized space now, it has the potential to become a luxurious escape from the chaos above. Sounds nice, right? We couldn’t agree more! That said, basement renovations can be a bit more challenging than those above ground, so we’ve rounded up a few tips to get you started.

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting: By nature, basement bathrooms lack natural light. While some have no windows at all, others have windows that are just a fraction of the size of those above grade. When planning out your basement renovation, include as much artificial light as possible such as pot lights in the shower stall and overhead or wall-mounted lighting around the vanity. But remember, your paint colors also play a huge role in how light and airy the bathroom will feel. Choose a light paint color so that the lighting you do have is reflected off the walls and magnified. While a classic egg-shell color is the most reflective, you can also go for a lighter shade of any color you like – just do your best to avoid any shades with a dark or muddy undertone as they can make your basement feel a bit cave-like.

Create a Wet Room: Instead of going builder-grade in your basement bathroom, why not try something a bit different? Since basement bathrooms are notoriously humid (especially for those without windows), we love the idea of turning your entire bathroom into a wet room. What exactly is a wet room? Well, it’s the North American take on a European bathroom, which eliminates the traditional distinction between the shower and the rest of the bathroom to create one big, waterproof space. Think floor-to-ceiling tile in the shower area and then continuing the same flooring tile from the shower seamlessly into the rest of the bathroom area. Not only will this protect your bathroom from excess humidity, but it will give your bathroom a luxurious feel and can even make it appear larger. Talk about a win-win!

Embrace Unique Elements: Oftentimes basements can have unique elements that make designing a bathroom a bit challenging, like sloped or low ceilings. Instead of allowing these elements to hinder your design, embrace them! Utilize built-in storage solutions where your ceilings are lowest to make the most of an otherwise unusable space. Or, if your ceilings are really low, consider the possibility of a step-down shower basin. While this may seem like an odd solution, it’s a great way to make use of limited ceiling heights and with the right finishes can even replicate the luxurious underground spas across Italy.

Utilize Natural Elements: The lack of natural light in basement bathrooms can make it feel a bit more disconnected from nature than the rest of your home, so bringing in natural elements is a must! Consider natural stone tiles, a wooden vanity, or even an earthy clay wall finish to really bring the feeling of the outdoors, in. Oh, and don’t forget to add a bit of greenery too!

Create Your Own View: When you visualize your dream bathroom or spa experience, a view is an absolute must-have! Unfortunately, basements aren’t known for having any view, let alone an expansive one. On the other hand, the lack of windows usually means you’ll have a lot of wall space to work with, which provides the perfect canvas to create your own! Whether you are a lover of a mountain or water view, you can create the view you’ve always wanted with a mural. Modern murals are so crisp and realistic that you’ll feel like you’ve travelled to an entirely new place – which let’s be honest, we could all use right about now.

Don’t Forget the Fan: Please, please, please remember to protect your basement bathroom with an efficient and powerful fan. Basements tend to trap moisture and humidity, so it’s important to protect your finishes with a fan, especially if your bathroom has no windows – and don’t forget to actually use it!

With the right imagination, even the smallest basements have the potential to house your dream bathroom – just remember to embrace its uniqueness and opt for light and airy colors for optimal spa-like vibes.

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