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Spring into Clean: Tips to Make Your Home Sparkle

Spring into Clean: Tips to Make Your Home Sparkle

We finally made it to March — and while our local forecasts may disagree, that means spring is just around the corner! As the sun finally starts to set at a more reasonable hour, you may notice you have a bit more time and energy to get things done at the end of the day. And, since the weather isn’t cooperating, now is the perfect time to use that energy to give your house a spring cleaning. With that in mind, we’re sharing some bathroom cleaning tips and a few tools that will help you usher in the new season with a clean and sparkly slate!


Prep The Area: Cleaning is always easier without clutter, so let’s start by clearing off your countertops, removing products from any shelves or ledges, and tossing that bathmat in the wash. Once everything has been tucked away, give all these surfaces a thorough dusting. We know, dusting is the worst, but we’re clearing out all those winter cobwebs to make way for fresh spring vibes, so it’s non-negotiable. Remember, when dusting it's best to start at the top and work your way down to avoid redoing your work. With that annoying bit out of the way, you won’t have to worry about pushing dust around while cleaning your fixtures — so don’t skip it!


Clean and Organize Your Vanity: Now, let’s get that vanity of yours to sparkle! Grab some vinegar to spray down your mirror. While that sits for a second, spray the counter with a cleaner of your choice and allow that to sit while you wipe down the mirror with a microfiber cloth. Remember to pay special attention to those tough toothpaste remnants on the lower half. Once your mirror is crystal-clear, you can move onto the countertops. Since we’re spring cleaning, let’s make sure to scrub off the build-up around the base of your faucets and soap dispenser.

Now, that everything is nice and clean, let’s eliminate some of the products that live on our counter to help keep it that way. One of the easiest (and most aesthetic) ways you can do this, is by replacing your soap container with a refillable dispenser. While we’re equal fans of both countertop and wall-mounted options, if cleaning the soapy residue on and around your soap container drives you a bit mad, our CLEVER Soap Dispenser might be the product for you. Available in white and black, this wall-mounted model can either make a statement or seamlessly blend in with your backsplash. Not only does it keep your countertops clutter-free, but its integrated hooks can conveniently hold your jewelry while you wash your face too!


Scrub Your Bathtub and Shower: After your vanity is clean and clear, it’s time to move on to your bathtub and shower. Give everything a thorough spray and let it sit for about 10 minutes while the cleaner gets to work killing bacteria. In the meantime, grab your vinegar and spray down the shower doors (inside and out), shower head, and faucet. While that breaks down any calcium buildup, swipe down the glass door you sprayed earlier with SOFT GRIP Shower Squeegee for an effortless streak-free shine. For particularly tough build-up, hang a plastic bag filled with vinegar around your shower head and let it sit for 30 minutes before scrubbing it clean.

Now, we have an unconventional yet incredibly effective tool that will help you get into the curves of your bathtub without breaking a sweat — a toilet brush! More specifically, our LOOEEGEE Hygienic Toilet Squeegee. With 30 micro-squeegee blades built into its unique silicone pad, it’s specifically designed to make cleaning the curved surfaces of toilet bowls easier, which just so happens to work for curved bathtubs too. Just make sure to buy a separate one for this purpose, otherwise, that’s just gross! Speaking of gross, get your rubber gloves out, because it’s time to tackle the toilet next.


Give Your Toilet an Extra Scrub: Although there’s no right way to clean a toilet, we like to start from top to bottom. But, before we start with the outside of the toilet, we apply a healthy layer of toilet bowl cleaner to the bowl to give it all the time it needs to kill that odor-causing bacteria. While that sits, wipe down the outside of the toilet from top to bottom with a disinfectant wipe or solution of choice. Spend extra time on the handle, outside of the bowl, and that tricky spot between the toilet seat and tank. That’s usually where that lovely urine smell likes to hide. Then, work your way toward the bowl. Wipe down the underside of the toilet lid and both sides of the seat before grabbing your toilet brush for the main event. Now, you may be thinking that any old toilet brush can get the job done, but traditional bristled models are a breeding ground for bacteria. This means you could be introducing even more bacteria to the toilet while you clean — which is a bit counterproductive. Don’t worry, we have a solution. Our LOOEEZ Hygienic Toilet Squeegee is made with an antimicrobial silver-base additive that inhibits the growth of bacteria and eliminates odors caused by germs. Not only that, but its patented six-blade rubber helix head is quick-drying, durable, and more effective at cleaning the smooth curved surface of the bowl — making it the GOAT of toilet brushes.

Once all your fixtures are nice and sparkly, vacuum and mop the floors (paying special attention around the toilet) and that’s it, you’re done. We know the weather might not feel very motivating, but if you get your spring cleaning down now, you won’t be stuck in the house when the weather finally turns around — so let’s get to it!

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