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Why It’s important To have A Bathroom Squeegee

Why It’s important To have A Bathroom Squeegee

You use a bath

Bathtubs can end up being the dirtiest places in your house. This is because no bathtub fully drains. Thanks to hydrodynamic surface tension, a little bit of water always sticks to the porcelain instead of draining.

Water by itself can be bad enough. Standing water can lead to the growth of mildew and bacteria, both of which you really don’t want in your bathwater. However, it gets even worse. Most of the grime you wash off yourself is in the form of oils. Oil floats on top of water. The top layer of water is what sticks to the porcelain. After every bath, you’re left with a thin film of dirt coating your entire tub.

Fortunately, this film can easily be scraped into the drain using a bathroom squeegee. This prevents mildew, bacteria, and dirt from building up in your tub.

You have poor drainage in your shower

Your shower is vulnerable to the same oily film buildup as your bathtub. Most people don’t care that much about whether bacteria and mold comes into contact with their feet, but they should. Especially in showers that do not drain immediately, the amount of micro-organisms that can build up are shocking.

This can lead to serious health conditions, including athlete’s foot and even flesh-eating bacteria. Use a squeegee to keep your shower as clean as possible!

You have tile in your shower

Tile is one of the best-looking materials for your shower siding. However, it is also the most vulnerable to moisture. This is because the grout that holds the tiles in place is made out of cement and sand. Have you ever splashed some water onto some cement? Most of it soaks in immediately. The same thing happens with grout.

Over time, grout can hold and protect colonies of mold and bacteria. If the mold gets deep enough into the grout, you will have to gut your entire shower and re-tile it.

Because of this, we recommend using a squeegee to dry your shower after each and every use. This is not as time-consuming as it sounds. With a towel you would have to press into each crack to dry off the tile properly. However, with a squeegee all you need to do is run it over your tile horizontally, and then run it over vertically. This will drag all the moisture out of your grout, protecting it.

You want an effective, high quality cleaning solution

Squeegees are also just a sensible way to apply and remove cleaning products. They are much better at scraping away all the grime than a cloth or sponge ever could be, and they don’t end up filthy at the end of it. Squeegees are effective, sanitary, and very easy to clean. Their presence also shows your guests that you value hygiene and their health.

Squeegees save time

Whether you have someone come in and clean your bathroom weekly or you do it yourself, the last thing you want to do is spend hours on end scrubbing your bathtub or shower. If you use a bathroom squeegee after each shower or bath you’ll save yourself time and effort. You’ll cut your bathroom cleaning time in half. Spending that extra 30 seconds after each bath or shower will save you time in the long run. Plus, you’ll have a clean bathroom. If you have young children, you can turn squeegee time into a game. After you bathe them let them wipe down the tub.

They’re cost-effective

Squeegees are cost-effective because they’re easy to maintain. Also, you’ll save money on cleaning products since you won’t need to use so much of them to keep your shower and bath tidy. An added bonus of not having to spend a lot on cleaning products is that you won’t have to breathe in bleach and other chemical combinations just to keep your bathroom clean.

Easy shower storage

Bathroom squeegees are easy to store. They can be mounted on the bathroom or shower wall — they come with a hook and suction — and they take up little to no space. They can match your bathroom’s decor or add a pop of colour and they come in a variety of sizes.

Sleek design

If you’re concerned about buying a squeegee because of the way they look, rest assured, today’s bathroom squeegees are stylish and ergonomically designed. They don’t look like the kind you use to clean your car windshield at the gas station. They’re sleek and compact unlike the bulky ones used on cars.

They’re simple to use

Squeegees can conform to any space and have easy to grip handles. You basically have to wipe them across the area you want to clean and you’re done. They’re flexible and unlike when you use a sponge or scrub brush to clean your tub or shower walls, you’ll barely work up a sweat when you use a squeegee. Some of them can even extend so you really don’t have to exert yourself at all while you’re cleaning.

All of our squeegees are tested to be effective, durable and reliable. They are rust-proof and have reinforced rubber blades. Order one today!

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