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Mixing and Matching Tiles and Paint in Your Bathroom

Mixing and Matching Tiles and Paint in Your Bathroom

Paint and tiles can work together to bring depth and texture to any space.  When paired effectively, these components can turn a dull bathroom into a luxurious one that makes good use of contrast and balance.  Paint and tile in complementing hues can also give the illusion of more space.  And items in various materials can spawn a series of different atmospheres depending on your tastes.

Below are some tips to ensure that you’re mixing and matching tiles and paint in the most effective way possible.

Shop with samples

Never shop for tiles without bringing along a sample of your paint colour.  Take a chip of paint or bring the leftovers from a brush when hunting around.  Your bathroom could end up looking atrocious if your paint and tile colours are not complementary of each other. 

Consider materials/texture

Tiles come in all sorts of materials, so it’s important to consider the type of atmosphere each material conveys.  For example, tiles made of jagged rock/stone can trigger an earthy feel – while those made of glass are ideal for a sleek and modernized look.  Also, remember that glass tiles reflect vast amounts of light, so this is not necessarily a good match if you’re seeking a matte finish in your bathroom.

Experiment with bold/contrasting colours

Some of the most beautiful bathrooms consist of tiles and paint in bold and contrasting hues.  For example, purple walls with yellow glass tiles are an excellent pairing that is striking yet harmonious.  Use a colour wheel to find two hues that are vastly different and still complementary.

Consider tiles in natural hues

Don’t be fooled into thinking that all good tiles must come in solid colours or designs.  Bring out the vivid colours of your bathroom by pairing up with tiles in natural hues.  The subtle tones will bring your gaze to the contrasting paint on your bathroom walls.  Remember that there are times when less is actually more.

Bring home tile samples

Tiles can look vastly different when placed under different lights or against other surfaces.  Never purchase tiles in bulk until you’ve had a chance to hold up a sample against your bathroom wall.  Try obtaining a series of samples so you can experiment with various combinations.  What looked good in the store may not look right once you bring it home.

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