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A Better Living Gift for Everyone on Your List

A Better Living Gift for Everyone on Your List
Ready or not, it’s almost that time of year again! In a matter of weeks, we’ll be gathered around the tree exchanging gifts with the ones we love most. This year, it might be an intimate occasion with only your immediate family or a long-overdue celebration with relatives you haven’t been able to see in a while. Regardless of what this holiday season will look like for you, if our mothers taught us anything it’s to never show up empty-handed. Unfortunately, that sentiment holds true even when visiting those impossible-to-shop-for relatives. So, to help ease your holiday stress and encourage sustainable gifting of functional items, we’ve compiled a gift-giving guide for everyone on your list.

For the One Who is Forever Worried about Germs: For nearly two years we’ve been hearing about the importance of washing and sanitizing our hands. So much so, that even those who weren’t bothered by germs before are consistently sanitizing throughout the day. This holiday season, nothing says “I love you” quite like giving the gift of health, and our TOUCHLESS XL Soap & Sanitizer Dispenser does just that. Its hygienic, hands-free infrared technology minimizes the risk of spreading germs and since it’s battery-operated it can be used anywhere from the home to the office, or even the car. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving.

For the One Who Spends Too Much Time in the Loo: Everyone knows someone who disappears into the bathroom daily only to reappear thirty minutes later as if nothing happened — and their name usually rhymes with Rad. Whether they really need that much time in the bathroom is up for debate, but we do know that nobody spends that much time on the loo without some light reading material. So, why not give the gift of convenience in the form of their very own toilet caddy? Available in Chrome, Satin Nickel or Black, the TOILET Caddy ensures they’ll have everything they need, exactly where they need it! This model stores three rolls while dispensing another and comes with a magazine (or iPad) rack, so they’ll never run out of toilet paper or reading material! While this gift won’t exactly get them out of the bathroom any faster (it may actually do the opposite), you can rest assured that this gift won’t go unused – and it might even get a laugh along the way too.

For the One Who Always Leaves “Something” Behind: Now this gift idea is for those nearest and dearest to your heart — particularly those you share a bathroom with. Whether given as a gag to your spouse or as a hint to the teenagers in your life, the LOOEEGEE Hygienic Toilet Squeegee won’t let you down. Its six-blade helix head maintains contact with the bowl to quickly clean with minimal effort, so even the laziest of teens don’t have an excuse not to use it. Who said gift-giving couldn’t benefit the gifter anyway?

For the One with Too Many Products: This one is for all the aspiring beauty bloggers in our lives who manage to bring a new product into the bathroom every week. Our AVIVA Shower Dispenser 3 Chamber beautifully stores and dispenses up to three products and includes storage hooks for razors and other accessories. With one simple gift, you can clear off the shower floor and provide your wannabe beauty blogger with the space they need to bring in even more products.

For the Little One Who Wants to “Do it Myself”: Our last gift idea is for all the littles in our lives that just can’t wait to do everything for themselves. Our FOAMA Touchless Foaming Dispenser helps teach kids the importance of hand hygiene while providing them the freedom to do it themselves with its sensor-activated operation. You can even lock in your preferred volume settings to ensure your kids aren’t wasting any product. We don’t usually like to brag but with its splash-resistant design and ease-of-use, it’s the perfect hand-washing companion for even the stickiest, kiddie fingers.

Regardless of who is on your gift-giving list this holiday season, gifting function over fads never goes out of style – just remember to shop early to ensure everyone gets their gift this year.

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